Production and construction of a parking tower

The manufacture of parking towers is not that simple. It is a very thoroughly machined system of sets and components that must fit tenths of a millimeter accurately when assembled.

The production uses not only the latest technologies of metallurgical materials processing, but also a very thoroughly prepared system of electrical installation and programming. The system can be set from the factory to the specific needs of each customer, making it a unique parking system.

The system is designed to fit on 2 parking places platforms for 16 cars that are placed horizontally in two rows. The whole system is controlled from the control panel in front of the tower and the cars revolve from top to bottom (carousel). The tower itself can find a free parking space and prepare it for the next parking lot. In addition, the system determines which route will be shorter for the car to return. Therefore, it does not turn only in one direction, but according to the situation the system always chooses the shorter variant. In terms of space and efficiency, this is a very economical parking lot.

From a mechanical standpoint, it is a free-standing structure with a service life of more than 20 years and a quick installation, starting from 3 days depending on the type. In addition, CAR TOWER is a highly flexible system with the option of disassembly and relocation to any location throughout the life of the structure. Also the CAR TOWER parking system is designed with a maximum degree of unification of the individual components and is therefore structurally ready for the possibility of additional roofing, covering or the use of other custom-made accessories.