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CAR TOWER is a vertical rotary parking system that represents a spatially and cost-effective solution to today‘s urban parking problem. It  has small ground plan dimensions of about two parking spaces.

It is designed with low running and maintenance costs. Both passenger cars and SUVs can be parked there. The CAR TOWER parking system is controlled by a touch screen, identification card or chip. It is very intuitive and easy to use and does not require any dedicated person to operate. Users can also book a parking space via the internet.
Individual variants of the CAR TOWER parking system range from 6 to 16 cars. Mechanically, it is a freestanding construction with a lifetime of more than 20 years and a fast installation for 3  days depending on the type.

CAR TOWER is also a highly flexible system with the possibility of dismantling and relocating to any location throughout the life of the structure. In addition, the CAR TOWER parking system is designed with the highest degree of unification of the individual components and is thus structurally ready for the possibility of additional roofing, covering or using other accessories made to the customer‘s request.